Our classes are designed for beginner to intermediate fitness levels and Pilates experience.  Modifications are always available to to take it up or down a notch.  Our classes all incorporate a mindfulness component plus we always finish the class with savasana (relaxation) and a foot massage!

Included in your 60 minute class:

- Mats and props (Pilates Balls, Pilates rings + therabands). Your instructor will decide what props will be used in each session.

- Stretching.

- Relaxation (savasana).


All our instructors are fully qualified. 


What to expect from a Class with us

Pilates will have you feeling taller and a whole heap calmer. Our classes are designed to be a mix of challenging sequences mixed with relaxing stretching. Each class is designed to be a complete full body workout while a strong focus is on the abs, butt, arms + thighs. 


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