I am worried I won't be fit enough to participate in the Yoga + Pilates!

All classes are are designed for beginner to intermediate levels with modifications available to increase the intensity or to decrease. We encourage respect for your body and taking rests when ever you need. 


I've never meditated or tried Yoga before and I am a little concerned. I can't touch my toes!

Yoga is not about touching your toes, nor is it about flexibility. Our instructors will ensure you feel comfortable. Yoga + Meditation are great practises to incorporate in your everyday life and they are are simple... just like anything, you've got to start somewhere.


I have an injury I am working with, will I be able to participate in Yoga + Pilates?

Please advise us in advance if possible. As long as you have medical approval to exercise, our instructors will work with you to give you modifications to suit any injuries you are working with. 


One of my friends is pregnant and I am worried she will miss out?

All activities apart from Learn to Surf will be fine for pregnancy, however our instructors need to be aware of this so modifications are given where required. We are happy to replace surfing with a massage for your friend or we can refund this portion of the package.


We are really keen to go with the Zest hen package but some of my girlfriends aren't up for surfing?

That's fine! We understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. We can exchange this activity SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) or for an express beauty treatment. Or bring them along for the moral support and we'll reduce the price for those not participating. This is the same for all activities. 


Is the weekend alcohol-free?

You are more than welcome to have a cheeky wine or 2! There will be plenty of free time available for this. Our activities are all planned during the day.


I love the idea but my friends aren't quite sold on a hens without cocktails?

As above go for it, we invite you to bring along any drinks you would like for the weekend, this is just something Healthy Hens doesn't supply. Here's some suggestions you could try for healthy cocktails ;)


Can we bring food?

Yes, of course. Our glamping texts will be fitted with a bar fridge to keep these cool!


We really want to go glamping but we are worried it will be too cold?

Our awesome supplier installs either a heater or electric blankets during cooler months. This makes the tents really comfortable all year round. 


Is linen provided?

Yes, sheets and towels are provided however we recommend bringing your own beach towel for the Peninsula Hot Springs and surfing. 


What if we have less than 8 people?

We can customise a package to suit you with. Talk to our team to find out how much the rate will be: hello@thebrightsidelife.com